Powder coating experts

A durable and cost-effective solution

Powder-coating provides a high-quality, durable finish to objects in need of a protective layer. It will give the surface of the metal object a tough exterior and protect it against harsh conditions. 
We offer a range of powder-coating for automotive ,commercial ,architectural and private applications

Color matching

We offer a wide variety of colors from the RAL and BS color chart for you to chose from in several different finishes from matt to gloss


all Metal goes through our cleaning process which includes an initial wipe down , removing of excess material from galvanising or other processes , degreasing to remove dirt dust and oil residue on the surface of the material , a final wipe down to remove loose surface dust and then a pre heating of the part where appropriate

Primer/pre powder

we offer a pre treatment for special materials such as aluminum which require an 2 part etch primer to be applied in order to get a suitable surface for the powder coating to adhere to

We also offer an extra primer coating when requested as an extra layer of protection against corrosion


We offer powder coating in Polyester, Epoxy & Epoxy Polyester (in both standard and architectural ranges), Polyurethane and Anti Microbial coatings , all applied in our clean, fully stainless steel constructed large volume spray booth


All parts are then cured in our state of the art large format LPG curing oven which has internal dimensions of 7x3x3m so can cater for very large pieces


All items are wrapped and packaged where appropriate using a variety of suitable materials

We Provide the Best Value Service in Industry