The Powder Coating Procedure


Frequently powder coating may perhaps be regarded as an environmentally favoured system of applying a finish particularly as it avoids the use of solvent-primarily based paints avoids overspray wastage, and any unused powder may perhaps be absolutely recycled and applied again.

Despite the fact that powder coating was conceived as a process of ending metal, technologies has advanced so that it is now a widespread alternative for ceramics, plastics and even wooden.

Exploration shows that powder coating is the fastest expanding coating medium and with the environmental rewards coupled with its excellent ending attributes, it is a development that is possible to keep on.

Styles of powder coating

There are two main forms of powder coatings thermosets and thermoplastics

With thermosetting versions, as the powder bakes, it reacts with substances in the powder polymer which increases molecular body weight improving upon the general performance attributes.

Thermoplastic varieties will not modify exclusively nor have any additional reactions, it simply flows out into the final coating.

Powder coating procedure

Stage 1 – Pre therapy

This is about making ready the part or part, and as any painting application, preparation is all crucial to achieve the ideal possible finish.

It is vital to clear away oils and lubricants and metallic oxides and this is performed normally by a wide range of chemical and mechanical procedures, dependent also on the content, size, and finish needed.

The numerous phase chemical pre-treatment options usually contain working with phosphates or chromates in submersion or by spraying.

From an environmental point of view those people giving phosphate preparations are my most well-liked possibility as chromates can be poisonous to the environment.

A further method of preparation is sandblasting and shot-blasting, whereby blasting abrasives are employed to give surface texture and planning for wooden, plastic or glass.

Silicone carbide is suited for grinding metals and plastic media blasting makes use of plastic abrasives that are delicate to substrates these types of as aluminium.

Stage2 – The powder software

The most utilised strategy is electrostatic spraying by using a spray gun.

The object is grounded and the gun imparts a good electrical charge on to the powder which is then sprayed and accelerated towards the component by the potent electrostatic charge.

The part is heated, and the powder melts into a uniform movie, and cooled to kind a really hard coating. We in some cases warmth the metallic 1st and spray the powder on to the sizzling substrate. Preheating can assistance to realize a additional uniform finish but can also generate other problems, this sort of as runs brought on by surplus powder.

Powder can also be used employing precisely tailored electrostatic discs.

A different technique, known as the Fluidised Mattress technique, requires heating the substrate and then dipping it into an aerated, powder-filled mattress.

The powder sticks and melts to the scorching object, with even further heating demanded to finish curing the coating. This system is frequently made use of when the coating exceeds 300 micros.

Electrostatic Fluidised Bed Coating: Electrostatic fluidised bed application takes advantage of the very same fluidising tactics as above but with a lot less powder depth in the bed. Electrostatic charging takes place in the mattress so that the powder turns into billed as the fluidising air lifts it up. Billed powder particles form a cloud of billed powder previously mentioned the fluid bed. When a grounded part is passed by way of the charged cloud the particles will be attracted to its surface. The parts are not preheated.

Electrostatic Magnetic Brush (EMB) coating is a coating process for flat products that applies powder coating with roller procedure.

Phase 3 – Curing

When thermoset powders are exposed to superior will increase in temperature, (normally via a convection or infrared get rid of oven), they start out to melt, movement out, and then react to type a increased molecular pounds polymer. This overcome method, called cross linking, necessitates a particular diploma of temperature for a particular size of time in purchase to arrive at complete remedy and create the full film properties for which the product was developed.

What are the shortcomings of Powder Coating

  • Pretty slender coatings can exhibit pinholes
  • Quite recurrent colour changes can be time consuming
  • Inside of corners can have very low film thickness
  • Can be challenging on sharp corners
  • Needs expertise to preserve uniformity of thickness
  • Colour matching and uniformity can be more difficult than with liquid paints

What are the rewards of Powder Coating?

  • Environmentally friendly – no solvents essential
  • Value-productive
  • Finishes are rough and flexible generating it more challenging to chip or crack
  • Frequently offers a 100% stable coating
  • Just about no squander created
  • Massive selection of colours and finishes
  • Rust absolutely free
  • Can be used around a extensive range of thicknesses
  • Can develop thick coatings with no working or sagging
  • Exclusive outcomes are simply accomplished
  • Quick turnaround moments
  • Security in opposition to external UV fading
  • Extraordinary colour retention
  • Fantastic electrical insulation capabilities
  • Resistant to most chemical substances and solvents


Powder Coating while staying an cost-effective procedure not only completes the desired aesthetic traits of the solution, but also features exceptional toughness and resistance to scratches and chemical corrosion, even in the harshest environments.

By making use of this technique, powders are right away all set for use and do not require mixing, which eradicates variables in finish, lessens processing time and final results in top-quality film qualities.


Powder coating providers in Dublin

NPCS National Powder Coating Services is an set up powder-coating organization. Our functions are carried out in a factory that is positioned on a larger industrial estate in Dublin. We have been in this market for extra than 40 years and we specialise in a selection of expert services such as powder-Coating, stove enamelling, lacquering, shot blasting and air-drying. 

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We can supply you a range of coating services. From powder coating to spray painting, we can ensure that the surface of the product will continue being sturdy and corrosion resistant.

Our providers incorporate:

  • Powder-coating
  • Shot blasting
  • Masking
  • Stove-Enamelling/Spray finishing
  • Antimicrobial coating

Detailed coating services

We can deliver you with an intensive assortment of coating services. Our list of purchasers features ducting manufacturers, plumbing, heating and ventilation companies, planter suppliers, sign makers, the electronics business and significantly more. In addition to this, we provide our products and services to people who specialise in back garden furniture, double glazing, balconies, stairways, and computer components. Remember to get in contact with us to have an in-depth discussion of your needs. We will be content to assist you.

High quality expert services

Above the system of time, we have developed an enviable standing among our current purchasers because of to the type of expert services we provide. We are greatly recognised for our exceptional finish for products that involve a large good quality, long lasting, and corrosion resistant surface.

We can powder-coat the pursuing items:

  • Balustrades
  • Aluminium die castings
  • Motorcycle frames and wheels
  • Seat handles and grab handles
  • Soffits and drainpipes
  • Wrought iron gates and railings