Effectively Seasoning a Wok – Method 1


I love Oriental cooking. I primarily delight in cooking Oriental cooking in a properly-seasoned wok. Not only is it the top “A single Pan” cooking knowledge, the cleanup is straightforward, brief, and handy.

I repeat: To accomplish that level of functionality, one particular have to have a well-seasoned wok.

My other short article in this series: “Effectively Seasoning a Wok – Technique 2” spells out an advanced way to year a wok, but it is not completely acceptable for all. The approach does create a significant amount of smoke, which in a small condominium could be unpleasant (smoke alarms are definitely noisy minimal wonders). I did try out utilizing an out of doors grill, and had average achievement.

This far more regular process of seasoning follows an older, extra common course of action that you may perhaps find more to your liking. I use this with both substantial carbon and stainless metal woks. The goal is to generate a really hard carbon coating on the within of the wok that is almost non-stick.

Warning: this approach only will work with standard woks. You should not use it with non-adhere woks. You will damage it!

The Common Approach:

1. If the wok is gained with wooden handles eradicated, do not attach until finally you have accomplished seasoning the wok. If the handles are connected, the treatment is a minor extra sophisticated. Clean the newly obtained wok within and out with incredibly hot, soapy water. A excellent detergent is advisable, alongside with a rigid cleansing pad. Vigorously scour the within to take away any residual oils that may be applied to manufacture your wok. Dry the wok completely with paper towels. Location in a preheated 250°F. oven until finally way too very hot to touch. That will pressure all the h2o out of the metal’s pores.

2. Wipe the within of the wok with a paper towel or cloth dipped in thoroughly clean vegetable oil, placing a thin coat on the metallic. Spot wok in a 400° F. oven for 1 hour.

3. Repeat Step #2 at minimum 2 times more.

4. Put wok on stovetop and allow great entirely. Then making use of only scorching water, rinse out the wok, taking away any residual oil. Wipe dry with paper towels and coat the interior with a slender movie of oil. Wipe off any excessive. Connect the handles.

5. In no way scour a wok’s insides with cleaning soap and a pad.

6. Use only scorching drinking water and a bamboo whisk to cleanse the wok. Use the whisk to crack unfastened any residual stuck food items, but do not tear the black coating off!

7. Often wipe your wok dry with paper towels and insert a coating of oil.

Be aware: a perfectly-seasoned wok appears to be black inside of! The more you use it, the blacker it will turn into.

Congratulations! Your wok is now seasoned!


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