Shot blasting


Smooth metal surfaces

Here at national powder coating we aim to provide the best quality finish , so we shot blast all galvanized steel before its powder coated to ensure a smooth overall finish

we also offer blasting as a stand alone service , do you have some old rusted metal garden furniture that you need cleaned and rust removed ? call us and we can help you out , we can shot blast a wide range of items and materials including:

  • Rusted  steel  garden furniture 
  • Old rusting gates or railings 
  • Car parts 
  • Bike and motorcycle frames
  • Steel beams and metals 
  • Aluminium
  • Mild steel 
  • Wrought iron 
  • much much more 

Varied set of clients

In addition to metal fabricators , we provide our services to local hospitals, schools and garden centres and the average diy enthusiast. We refurbish/restore gates,railings, garden furniture, ornamental sculptures, bikes frame and alloy wheels , car wheels and parts too.