Balustrades, Gates, Railings, Balcony Platforms, Steel Stairs, Motorcycle Frames and Wheels, Car Rims and Alloys

The Process

The process for Powder Coating: Color Matching, Preparation, Primer/Pre Powder, Powder, Curing, Packing

Blast Cleaning

Car parts, Bike and motorcycle, Rusted  garden furniture, Old rusting gates or railings, Steel beams and metals

We pride ourselves as one of the best powder coating services on the market ! We promise to deliver the highest quality product in every job. Guaranteed!

Specialists in powder coating of Balustrades, Gates, Railings, Balcony Platforms, Steel Stairs, Aluminium Door And Window Frames, Stainless Steel Tubes, Hand Railings And Sheets, And Many Many More…


We Power Coat Your Projects

Welcome To National Powder Coating Services

National Powder Coating Services  is a family run business that aims to provide high quality metal finishing in Dublin and Nationwide! We empower all your projects with a quick turn around and at a competitive price. We powder coat a wide range of items including: Gates, Railings, Balconies, Bike Frames, Alloy Wheels, Steel Garden Furniture, Gym Equipment, Shop Fittings and Fixtures, Art Pieces and Sculptures and  much, much more…

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Our High Quality Services

Welcome to National Powder Coating Services, your trusted partner for professional powder coating services in Ireland. Our commitment is to enhance the beauty and durability of your metal surfaces through precision craftsmanship and cutting-edge powder coating technology.

Metal Stairscase

We offer a wide range of powder coated steel railings for stairs for both indoor and outdoor use!


We can build, paint or powder coat metal fences to highest quality using cutting edge technology!


We can build your gates or Powder Coat your existing ones make them look like brand new!

Specialized in Powder Coating and Spray Painting

National Powder Coating Services

From powder coating to spray painting, we can ensure that the surface of the product will remain DURABLE AND CORROSION RESISTANT

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Quality Workmanship, Superior Knowledge and Low Prices
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We Power Coat Your Projects

National Powder Coating Services

We can offer powder coating in a wide range of BS and RAL colors and different finishes from high gloss to matt. Powder coating is a far more durable and eco friendly coating compared to traditional solvent based liquid paints. Unlike traditional  liquid  paints , powder coating is applied in a powder form and sticks to the piece using electricity , it therefore produces no harmful solvents or airborne pollutants , making it friendly to the environment and isn’t harmful to employees or customers.
Powder coating provides better performance than wet paint—it is more resistant to chipping, scratching, and other wear because of the thermal bonding it undergoes during curing, and because it can be applied in much thicker layers.