Powder Coating Services for Aluminium, Mild Steel and alloy

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National Powder Coating Services  is a Dublin based business that aims to provide the best quality powder coating for all your projects with a quick turn around time and at a competitive price point



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Our Services

We can offer powder coating in a wide range of BS and RAL colors and different finishes from high gloss to matt. 

Powder coating is a far more durable and eco friendly coating compared to traditional solvent based liquid paints. Unlike traditional  liquid  paints , powder coating is applied in a powder form and sticks to the piece using electricity , it therefore produces no harmful solvents or airborne pollutants , making it friendly to the environment and isn’t harmful to employees or customers 

Below is a  list of just  some  of the items we coat 



Balcony Platforms

Steel Stairs
Motorcycle frames and wheels

Car Wheels including alloys
Aluminium door and window frames
Seat handles and grab handles
Stainless steel Tubes, Hand railings and sheets

And Many Many more

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